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Our research program is at the interface of several disciplines including nanotechnology, microbiology, molecular biology, and colloid chemistry. Research in our laboratory focuses on the fundamental aspects of cell, microbe, and biomolecule attachment to surfaces of environmental or biomedical interest. Environmental applications of our research include protection of groundwater supplies from colloidal contaminants, wastewater and drinking water treatment, and development of biosensors for detection of contaminants. Examples of biomedical applications of our work include the development of non-infective biomaterials for use in implantable medical devices and development of diagnostics for tracking of mammalian cell health.

Our research activities broadly span five areas of interest:

  • Environmental applications and implications of nanotechnology
  • Transport and fate of emerging contaminants in aquatic systems
  • Natural approaches to control human infections
  • Development of novel biosensors and antimicrobial biomaterials
  • Physicochemical processes for water quality control
To learn more about our research activities and opportunities to join our team, we invite you to browse through our website or contact us.
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